About Us

Company Values and Keys to Success

Reputation: The goal of Construction Masters is to provide construction services at fair market pricing. We strive to exceed all expectations and  promote 100% satisfaction from all our clients. When the project is complete, it will be our client’s referral that opens doors to potential new clients.

Quality: Our focus and mission is on clients who will evolve into long term customers and who have the ability to refer Construction Masters to peers with similar needs. Central to our mission is the quality of work we provide, and not the size and scope of the project. We take on small projects with the same attention and veracity to detail as we do the larger projects.

Culture: Construction Masters operates as a family team. Beginning with the President and continuing with our Project Managers, Superintendents, Foreman and Labor Force, Accounting and Office Staff, we are all committed to the well-being of our company. This is accomplished with each and every team member understanding the importance of their role in our family. Clients will find comfort and security in the way our culture, our family, is structured.

Customer Service: Paramount to our company is our strength in customer service. Our customer service originates with the initial visit and job preparation, and continues through to project completion. There are times when challenges on projects can surface, but it is in these challenges that we remain calm and resolute in effective problem solving. We endeavor to ensure all expectations on every project are met and leave everyone satisfied.